Batting For Charlie by Belinda E Edwards
Belinda E Edwards

Belinda is starting to get out and meet her readers. If you know of any events that would welcome a contemporary romance writer please get in touch. If you know a group who would like to invite her to talk about writing and what inspires her stories you can email her with details.

Taking the right number of books to any event is always a guessing game made more difficult by printers juggling schedules. It would be really helpful if you could preorder the books you would like to collect on the day. 

Saturday 18th May 2024. Wakefield Riding Shopping Centre.

Belinda will joining other Yorkshire authors for a special book event where you can meet and buy direct from your favourite authors

Saturday 8th June. Authors At the Armouries  LEEDS.

Belinda will be joining a whole range of authors at this exciting event. Make sure to buy your tickets early.

Pre order your books for any event.

Meet Belinda E Ewards 

Belinda lives to enjoy life, reading takes up much of her time as does watching sport.

She loves home life too, cooking, gardening and just curling up with a book and a dog. She has a large stash of pens and notebooks but she insists you can never have too many.

A people watcher, she loves to watch the relationship that builds between people, between friends, between family, and of course lovers.

She is full of stories and they are finally tumbling out on the paper. If you want to support her storytelling there are lots you can do. Follow her on social media, buy her books and tell your friends about them. All authors need reviews, even if a book isn’t for you it might be great for someone else.  So go spread the word.