Batting For Charlie by Belinda E Edwards
Belinda E Edwards

Saturday 18th May 2024 RIDING SHOPPING CENTRE Wakefield. 

Belinda will join a wide range of authors at this exciting event. We have been to a few events with this group, and there is always something exciting to buy. It’s FREE, so just pop by and say hello!!

I don’t always get to join in with all the events with Promoting Yorkshire Authors and I sincerely wish I could do more. 

Meeting readers is always a buzz, and this one is no different. It’s free to pop along and meet not just me but a huge range of authors. Have a chat and discover the passion behind the words on the page. 

Taking the right number of books to any event is always a guessing game made more difficult by printers juggling schedules. It would be really helpful if you could preorder the books you would like to collect on the day. 

There are always plenty of different authors at these events. Fiction and Non-fiction. From Small Children to Adult subjects.

The only common deniminator – They all live in Yorkshire or have books set in Yorkshire.

I am happy to bring books you have pre-ordered, although they have to be paid for through the PYA cash desk on the day. You can also bring the books you already have for me to sign.




New for the event on 18th May 2024 at The Riding Shopping Centre in Wakefield. 

It’s not a new book; in fact, it’s the first book I saw myself in print and it tells the story of how my life changed in my 40s. 

It is also full of other stories of women who faced major changes in their lives. 

You can preorder any books from me here.

Orders for PYA events must be paid for on the day through the events checkout.

I am trying to bring as much as possible for this great event, but the more you can help with that the better. I should have copies of every book currently published. Along with my books I will be bring my Colour Chemistry inks, whether you like art and crafts or just love great colour in your fountain pen come and see what we have.

Pre-order your books for THIS EVENT.

Meet Belinda E Ewards 

Belinda lives to enjoy life, reading takes up much of her time as does watching sport.

She loves home life too, cooking, gardening and just curling up with a book and a dog. She has a large stash of pens and notebooks but she insists you can never have too many.

A people watcher, she loves to watch the relationship that builds between people, between friends, between family, and of course lovers.

She is full of stories and they are finally tumbling out on the paper. If you want to support her storytelling there are lots you can do. Follow her on social media, buy her books and tell your friends about them. All authors need reviews, even if a book isn’t for you it might be great for someone else.  So go spread the word.